The use of an Office Supplies World chair or floor protection mat has ergonomic advantages to make movement easier for chairs whilst relieving leg fatigue and floor protection mats protects all types of ­ flooring in the process. Anti-static mats help protect from electrostatic charges which can come from electrical appliances and components, Anti-microbial mats protect from bacterial build-up on all floors and work surfaces. The shape of mat you choose will be determined by the space you need to protect when choosing a size consider the total space to be covered, which includes the size of your chair base and your ‘roll area’; which is the area you use to retrieve items and move around your work area. When you consider which materials to use for a chair mat use polycarbonate for the ultimate in quality, clarity and durability for home and office flooring. It is crystal clear and 100% recyclable, and polycarbonate creates the toughest mats available, will not curl, crack, discolour, dimple or smell, and is fire-resistant and free of any toxic chemicals. Phthalate-free PVC offers maximum transparency and guaranteed not to crack, chip, break or shatter under normal use, and please note that all FLOORTEX PVC products are phthalate-free and do not contain the plasticisers that have been banned from children’s toys and medical instruments. Anti-static PVC helps to protect electrical equipment such as computers from being damaged through the build-up of dust, and Recycled PET is manufactured with 100% post consumer recycled materials and can for example turn old drinks bottles into your next chair mat and are BPA and PVC free, are extremely durable and 100% recyclable. Consider placing your floor protection mat under your office chair, in heavy traffic areas, near water and coffee distributors, in stocking areas, and at the reception area or near your photocopier.
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