Eye protection is a requirement under regulation 4 of the Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations 1992 when employees are at risk in a hazardous area. The industry standard is EN166 and offers various levels of protection to Employers who must therefore provide personal protection equipment that has been tested and is suitable for the wearer and exposure to the hazard in question. As such Office Supplies World are able to provide suitable advice regarding safety spectacles and glasses which are intended to protect against low energy impact from ­ flying debris and objects. Please note that they do not protect against gas or molten metal nor do they keep out dust. Safety goggles will offer protection against medium energy impact and high levels of explosive force, and can also protect against dust, gas and chemical splash if indicated. Safety face shields offer full face protection against flying particles and chemical splash and also remain mist-free through temperature changes. Eye protection often needs to be worn in conjunction with other personal protective equipment such as head, hearing and respiratory protection and it is essential that comfort and fit with other PPE is maintained. Compatibility with other PPE will be subject to a number of variable factors which require the employer and end user to conduct an appropriate selection depending on individual needs.
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