With nearly 5000 workplace solutions products in the Office Supplies World Facilities & Warehouse section our range is working hard to help you provide a safe, legal and productive working environment. We know just how important these diverse product categories are for keeping your business running smoothly, and for that reason we have invested heavily to bring you the most comprehensive range for your workplace. In catering we are expanding the range of snacks to include branded favourites such as, Walkers Crisps, and Oat so Simple. Our cleaning, hygiene and washroom ranges have improved with the introduction of more 5 Star™ lines offering you great value for money on everyday essentials for the workplace, and we are monitoring your legislative requirements to help review your Waste Management strategy – as an example our Healthcare and First Aid section has expanded with many more specialist products. Also our PPE & Workwear section has many new editions including brands such as Dr Marten & Bolle for foot and eyewear safety. To keep your warehouse running smoothly we are introducing a huge range of Antalis packing products including packing bags & boxes, plus more traditional bubble wrap, packing paper & films, strings & twines, postal tubes, scales and labels, plus all types of furniture, racking, and storage boxes, containers & crates, plus we can provide mail trolleys & trucks to square off you mailroom and warehouse requirements.
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