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Document Binding Machines

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intimus PB-150 Manual Light Duty Comb Binding Machine
intimus PB-250 Manual Medium Duty Comb Binding Machine
intimus PW-150 Manual Wire Binding Machine
intimus TBI-500 Thermal Binding Machine
intimus CW-200E DUO Electric 2 in 1 Wire and Comb Binding Machine
intimus WW-200 DUO Manual Medium Duty Wire Binding Machine
intimus WW-200E DUO Electric Medium Duty Wire Binding Machine
Fellowes Pulsar A4 Electric Comb Binding Machine 5620701
Fellowes Quasar-E Electric Comb Binding Machine 5620901
Fellowes Galaxy Manual Comb Binding Machine 5622001
Fellowes Galaxy Electric Comb Binding Machine 5622117
Fellowes Quasar Manual Wire Binding Machine 5224101
Fellowes Helios 30 Thermal Binder 5641101
Fellowes Star A4 Manual Comb Binding Machine 5627501
Fellowes Pulsar A4 Comb Binding Machine 5627601
Fellowes Grey Quasar+ 500 Manual Comb Binding Machine 5627701
Fellowes Lyra 3 In 1 Binding Centre 5603101
GBC WireBind W18 Wire Binder 2101440
GBC WireBind W15 Wire Binder 4400402
GBC ThermaBind T200 Thermal Binder 4400408
GBC CombBind C340 Manual Binder 4400420
GBC CombBind C450E Electric Binder 4400421
GBC MultiBind 230 Multifunctional Manual Binder 4400423
GBC MultiBind 230E Comb Binder Machine 4400424
GBC CombBind C110 Manual Binder 4401844
GBC CombBind C200 Manual Binder 4401845
GBC CombBind C210 Manual Binder 4401846
GBC CombBind C210E Electric Binder 4401927UK
GBC CombBind C200E Electric Binder 7101045UK
Q-Connect Premium Comb Binder 12 KF16762
Q-Connect Professional 21 Hole Comb Binder 25 KF16763
GBC MC12 Wire Finisher
GBC C366 Office Comb Binding Machine
GBC CombBind C366E Comb Binding Machine with Electric Punching (Punch Capacity 30 Sheets, Bind Capacity 450 Sheets)
GBC Magnapunch PRO
GBC MultiBind 208 Multifunctional Binder, 8 Sheet Punch Capacity, 125 Sheet Binding Capacity, A4, Blue
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