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Plain File Dividers

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Concord Divider 5-Part A5 160gsm Pastel Colours 70599/J5
Avery Index Maker Divider 10-Part Unpunched A4 White 01816061
Q-Connect 10-Part Subject Divider Multi-Punched A4 KF26082
Concord Divider 5-Part A4 Extra Wide Polypropylene Multicoloured 66099
Exacompta Polypropylene 12 Part Dividers A4 Assorted 4912E
Q-Connect 15-Part Subject Divider Multi-punched A4 KF01516
Concord Divider 10-Part A4 150gsm White 79701/97
Concord Divider 20-Part A4 Extra Wide Bright (Pack of 10) 52399
Exacompta Forever Recycled Polypropylene 10 Part Dividers A4 2710E
Concord Unpunched Divider 10-Part A4 Multicoloured (Pack of 10) 76099
Concord Divider 5-Part A4 160gsm Bright Assorted 50699
Exacompta Recycled 5-Part Dividers 225gsm A4 Maxi Bright Multi 2105E
Elba 10-Part Extra Wide Pressboard Divider A4 400007516
Q-Connect 20-Part Subject Divider Multi-Punched A4 (Pack of 20) KF01517Q
Concord Divider 10-Part A4 160gsm Multicoloured 72299/J22
Concord Divider 15-Part A4 160gsm Multicoloured 71599/J15
Elba 10-Part Divider 160gsm Manilla Multipunched A4 White 100204881
A4 Mylar Divider 10-Part White With Multi-Colour Tabs WX01526
Q-Connect 10-Part Extra Wide Subject Divider A4 KF76982
Concord Divider 5-Part A4 160gsm Multicoloured (Pack of 5) 71190
Avery Index Maker Divider 10-Part White A4 Extra-Wide 01999001
Q-Connect 5-Part Index Multi-punched Reinforced Board Multi-Colour Blank Tabs A4 White KF01525
Concord Divider 10-Part A3 Portrait Pastel Colours 70299/J2
Concord Divider 5-Part A4 Manilla Neon Assorted 89099
Concord Divider 10-Part A4 270gsm Bright Assorted 52699/526
Exacompta Polypropylene 5 Part Dividers A4 Assorted 4905E
Concord Divider 10-Part A4 160gsm Bright Assorted 50899
Exacompta Pressboard Dividers 5-Part A4 Maxi 2405E
Concord Reinforced Divider 10-Part A4 160gsm Pastel Colours 77199
Concord Divider 20-Part A4 160gsm Multicoloured 74099/J40
Elba 10-Part Card Divider A4 Extra Wide Assorted 400007242
Q-Connect 10-Part Subject Divider Multi-Punched A4 (Pack of 25) KF26082Q
Concord Divider 10-Part A4 Multicoloured Tabs with Contents 72098/PJ20
Elba 20-Part Divider 160gsm Multipunched A4 White 400007500
Multicoloured A4 10 Part Divider WX26082
Elba 15-Part Card Divider Recycled Manilla A4 Assorted 400007437
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